Intuitive Painting

Some people believe that they are not creative or they are unsure how to access their creativity. Art is like a language without words, the communication is through emotions. There is creativity in everybody, how it is expressed is an individual process. Mindfulness teaches you to be aware of your own (negative) thoughts and judgments at the present moment and to let go of them. It also teaches you to open yourself to new feelings that are more positive. Being mindful allows us to tune in to what it is we are doing. It allows us to experience every moment fully. It allows us to experience every moment using all of our senses; seeing, hearing and feeling every moment.

Besides being enjoyable, creating art can also help you to become conscious of and understand your inner motives and reactions to situations in life. Why do you (re-) act the way you do? You might be stuck, having the same automatic response each time. Changing this behavior can be quite a challenge. When being creative, you can practice new behavior dealing with these situations. If you find it difficult to express inner emotions, Mindfulness exercises can help you to access them.

Dr Ira van der Steenstraten, Life Coach, and Priscilla Jean, artist and owner of Priscilla's Art Gallery, have bundled their expertise to create the program "Intuitive Painting".This is a 2 day program in which participants will be guided to create paintings while investigating their intuition, inner emotions and reactions. The fundamentals of Mindfulness will be explained and connecting with your inner world will be facilitated by guided meditations. This will lead to becoming more fully present and aware, which in turn will free your creativity and lower your levels of stress.



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