What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness you achieve whilst purposefully paying attention, focusing on the present moment, and – very importantly- you do this without judging the experience.

Mindfulness is a skill you gain through the training of your attention. Attention is like a muscle that you can train to become stronger. Developing Mindfulness enables you to focus on what you want to and not be caught up in thoughts that intrude, especially when you don't want them to. This in turn will reduce stress and create resilience.

Current research shows that by training your attention doing selected Mindfulness and meditative exercises, you can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, boost your immune system and strengthen your ability to focus your attention to where you want it to be. It has even been shown to change the architecture of your brain. This evidence has made meditation no longer only for "hippies", but its benefits have become widely accepted by scientists and the general public, both young and old. Mindfulness training programs have been implemented in schools, sports, the military and corporate businesses, showing huge benefits for participants.

Mindfulness meditation exercises enable you to become more aware of your experiences. There is no right or wrong to carry out these exercises, it is the experience that counts. The breath or body sensations are often used to train focusing the attention.

Training your ability to be non-judgmental creates space to allow new opportunities to arise. If your mind or body is in discomfort and you try to ignore it, resist it, or ruminate on it, this will heighten your levels of stress. For most people it is difficult to accept something unpleasant for what it is. But opening up to reality and exploring how to be with it will give you a better chance of happiness, rather than trying to control it with thinking, or wishing things to be different. Mindfulness can help you to accept situations.

Mindfulness meditation exercises teach you that your thoughts are something you have, not what you are. You will learn that you cannot stop your thoughts, but you can gain control by learning to not listen to them.

Imagine you want to take a break from work, but while you are on your break, you start thinking back to a fight you had the day before. You find yourself thinking about it so intensely that all the stress of that moment comes back into your body and you end up not having a relaxed break at all. Your life is about whatever your attention is focused on, at any given moment.

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