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The course was wonderful



"I loved learning the science behind being mindful and how much it can do for your health- that it's not all 'airy-fairy' or hippy stuff. "

AMAQ, Mindfulness for Busy People, November 2014

"Never thought it would work out so well. Thank you for this amazing gift!"
- K.S, Mindfulnes for Busy People, May 2014

" Comprehensive introduction and excellent foundation to incorporating mindfulness into every day."

Mindfulness for Busy People, AMAQ, November 2014

"Comprehensive introduction and excellent foundation to incorporating Mindfulness into every day."

Mindfulness for Busy People, AMAQ, November 2014

" A great course to do! I personally found it very beneficial. Life changing."
- L. L. Introduction to Mindfulness, April 2014

" Calming voice; passionate and dedicated in presentative style and content; inspirational." 

Mindfulness for Busy People, AMAQ, November 2014

"Thank you Ira for a fantastic course on Mindfulness. As a psychologist and personal practitioner of Mindfulness I found Ira's course concise, informative and overall very beneficial for my professional and personal practice. In particular, I found the course helped me to discipline myself into regular Mindfulness practice and enjoy the rewards of doing so! I would recommend Ira's course to anyone new or needing a refresher in Mindfulness. "

– EF, Clinical Psychologist. ('Mindfulness for Busy People', July 2014)

" I was amazed at how quickly I saw changes in my day to day life. Mindfulness has really made a difference to my well-being. I loved the practical ideas and the meditations"
- J.H., Mindfulness for Busy People, August 2014

" Fantastic course- learnt a lot of great tactics to improve overall quality of life."

Mindfulness for Busy People, AMAQ,  November 2014

"Ira is a wonderful teacher who can really impart the benefits of mindfulness. Her attitude and professionalism is inspiring. Mindfulness is a wonderful tool enhancing our ability to cope with and fully enjoy the wonders and challenges of modern day life.

The Meditations provided by Ira have become a part of my day to day routine and I fully enjoy and benefit from the tranquility and connectedness they impart.

Thanks Ira for a wonderful course in mindfulness that has really positively impacted upon my outlook making me more forgiving of myself, more open to new experiences and better able to deal with stress when it arises and last but not least, to appreciate even more the joys of family and day to day life."
- A.B. ('Mindfulness for Busy People', August 2014)

" There are thousands of stressed, anxious and depressed people out there who need exactly what you are offering!"
- D.B. ('Mindfulness for Busy People', May 2014)

"This course is a must for busy people who want to live balanced and happy lives. Well presented, very informative and definitely worth it for the long term benefits for life."

Mindfulness for Busy People, AMAQ, November 2014

" Thank you once again for an excellent short course. As I said on the last night I really felt like I found EXACTLY what I had been looking for.
Great quality short sessions and completed within a month.
This course has given me the knowledge and skills to start using mindfulness and meditation with greater ease. And it has already made a real impact to my day-to-day well being.
Very pleased I took the next step by doing a course. I'm a convert!
Looking forward to the Tuesday night refreshers"

- M.H.('Mindfulness for Busy People', June 2014)


"Professional but friendly and relaxed. The content is well researched.
- D.D. ('Mindfulness for Busy People', May 2014)



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